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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I have had grand plans of blogging every single day of Max's life, creating the most elaborate book of his first year of life, and making the most amazing video (which I have no idea how to do) that I have been dreaming up since the day Max was born.  

So maybe it's just that I have overfilled my mental plate which has caused me to do none of the above, or maybe I've just been too preoccupied with other things, like the most horrendous postpartum hairline you can imagine.  Little man even told me I look like the lady on Les Miserables, you know the one.  And I could only laugh because it is sadly so true, and not even that bad considering I've been calling myself a wooly mammoth in my head or out loud if anyones around for months now.  I suppose that all has to do with Max because it's his fault, because anything postpartumish is his fault.  But it's a daily reminder, as I comb my tiny new hairs, that I am the luckiest for having postpartum anything.  Me and Max, just growing our new hairs together.  Bonding.

So.  Max.  Just today he weighed in at 23 pounds and is 32 inches tall, aka the tallest baby ever.  I'm sure there are taller babies, hes in the "above 97%" for height but I'm not sure what that means.  Can you be "above 100%"?   One will never know.

He is the funniest.  Or maybe it's me who's the funniest.  He thinks everything I do is funny.  Sometimes I'm not even trying to be, but usually I am.  He likes when I talk in accents or like a man.  He loves when I quote movies, even though he has no idea what I'm talking about.

He likes to lay on the ground and wave his arms and kick his feet as fast as he possibly can.  He is so over being "a crazy guy".  Now he likes being "so fast".  If we tell him he is so fast, he gets even faster and hyperventilates even more and honestly, I'm surprised he's never passed out.

He is so content sitting and playing with his toys.  I have plans of sorting through his toys and rotating them so he doesn't get bored, but he's just so easy to please I haven't had to yet.  I just drag out all his baskets and bins of toys and put them in front of him and he takes them out one by one and licks them each. 

Sometimes I feel like he is no where close to crawling but other times I think it might be right around the corner.  He rarely will push up on all fours, but he's gotten pretty good at scooting around on his belly going backwards.  Sometimes I am so eager for him to just be completely mobile, but then I remember how nice it is to sit him on the floor and not have to worry about him yet so take your sweet time little guy. 

He started saying mama and dada, but his favorite is rawrawrawr which is by far the cutest because he makes his mouth all lopsided and talks out of the side of it in a sweet tiny voice.  He shakes his head no everytime you tell him yes or no, and when he's sitting on the floor he will bounce his upper body a little and say "hi-ya"! (or at least thats what it sounds like.  And that is hi-ya as in a karate chop sound, not an awkward way of saying hi.  He just started waving bye to Little man and a picture of Jesus outside of his room before he goes down for naps.  (He also loves to scratch Jesus when he gets up in the morning.  Naughty Max).

He's getting a tiny bit better at food, but still has a looong way to go.  As in he still only eats puffs and water but is eating a little bit more rice cereal than before.  I gave him a taste of my smoothie the other morning and he didn't throw up so that was a victory.

He stopped sleeping through the night about four months ago.  He wakes up once around 5am and eats a little and goes right back to sleep.  I tried to fight it a little while ago and "fix him", but it was so not worth it.  It is what it is and it's part of being a mom I suppose and he is such a sweet boy if the only hard thing he makes me do is get up early and feed him for three minutes, I guess I can handle that.

With all the traveling Little man has been doing, Max has learned to love facetime and lights up every time he gets to see his daddy.  He smiles and tries to grab his face and usually hangs up on him at least once.  

Max is still the greatest shopping buddy, is easy and pleasant at restaurants, will sit and read stories for probably over an hour a day total (with his favorites being the longest and his least favorites being the "baby books"), and is just a mellow happy guy.  He is currently sitting next to me on the couch, holding the remote and looking at the computer and then smiling at me over and over.  He's the cutest little sidekick and I'm the luckiest to be his mama. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This will by far be our lamest New Years Eve ever.  As in, put Max to bed promptly at 7:30pm and then little man and I will probably look at eachother like, "what should we do?".  And then I might send him off to get some sparkling cider or something.  

And this could very well be the happiest New Years Eve yet.  And probably the happiest New Years Eve because this was definitely the happiest year.  2013 was our year.  It was finally our year.

I'm tempted to be really long winded and dramatic and even tear up a time or five while writing this.  But I'll fight it and keep it short because Max will wake up from his nap any second now and then I wont finish this post until March, or somewhere around there.

2013 started in dreary, bleak, freezing cold Utah.  But that didn't make it a bad start because it started with the hope of moving back to Arizona.  And then we did!  And Little man started a career that we both felt could be long term, if not forever.  And it has been an adventure and fun jumping around from place to place, never knowing whats next, but there has been so much peace that has come with this job.  And it came at the perfect time, because it came right before the best part of our year.  The best part of our lives.  The best part EVER.

Max couldn't have come at a more perfect time.  I wanted him sooner.  I wanted him way sooner.  But if he would have come when I wanted him to come, I know it wouldn't have been this good.  I feel spoiled that I get the perspective I do because it is what has made this year so good.  I guess I don't really know, but I don't think I had the easiest labor.  I most definitely did not have an easy recovery.  Eight months later I still can't go on a long walk without my body remembering I gave birth this year.  Max has always been a perfect baby in my eyes, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been up with Max every single night, at least once, for the past four months (Hi I'm Monica and I failed miserably at babywise).

But all of those things are exactly what has made this year so perfect.  This year, it was finally my turn and I feel like I took advantage of the amazing experience it is and have truly loved every second.

2013 will forever be the year I became a mom.  The year little man became a dad.  The year we learned how to be parents and still be a husband and wife and it has been so much fun.  I laughed more than I ever have and I probably cried more than ever too, although that's debatable.  I cry a lot.  And I don't know, maybe I will title 2013 the year of Love, because there was so much love in 2013.

And I feel like life is going to keep getting better.  Watching Max grow and welcoming new babies into our family, it will of course get better.  But I think 2013 will always be my favorite.

Monday, December 9, 2013


I'm pretty sure that we play some small part in keeping U-haul in business.  Move number TEN is happening at the beginning of 2014!  This has been sort of expected for a little while now, although we were pretty positive move number nine was going to be our last.  Now we are pretty sure number ten will be our last, meaning at least for 5-10 years, but we've thought the last few moves were our last, so who knows.  I love not knowing!  

Our marriage has consisted of CONSTANT change, and although we feel like crazy people sometimes, I wouldn't have it any other way.  The history of our craziness is as follows:

August 2007 - Orem, UT
March 2008 - Vancouver, WA
October 2009 - Vancouver, WA
April 2010 - Vancouver, WA
October 2010 - Vancouver, WA
November 2010 - Scottsdale, AZ
November 2011 - Mesa, AZ
March 2012 - Pleasant Grove, UT
March 2013 - Mesa, AZ
March 2014 - Dallas, TX

Moves 2-5 were pretty unnecessary for the most part, but that happened before we knew we were going to move five more times, so you know.

Dave will still be working for Taser and we are both excited for this opportunity!  When we moved to Scottsdale in 2010 was the first time we heard about Taser, as they are based in Scottsdale.  I remember not long after he started working as a cop, and realizing it was kind of hard being married to a cop, telling Dave he should just get a job with Taser.  We could still live in the place we had fallen in love with but he wouldn't have to almost die all the time.  Win win.  It seemed pretty far fetched at the time, as our plan then was for him to be a cop forever.  Fast forward three years later, and Dave has been working for Taser for the last nine months and has already been promoted.  It kind of freaks me out how I always somehow get my way.

The obvious down side to this is leaving our beloved Arizona, but for some reason we are both really okay with this, which just makes it more right I suppose.

If you know anything about Dallas, tell me!  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Except mainly the good, please.  I've never been, so this is super freaky!  But super fun.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


This little guy weighed in at twenty pounds a little after his six month birthday.  I'm pretty sure he has shrunk since then because he got his first experience of sickness!  OH the poor guy, can you even imagine?  Your first time ever in your life being sick?  I feel like we make his little life pretty comfortable.  But the flu!  The awful flu, there was nothing we could do and it was probably the most heartbreaking thing.  Luckily it only lasted 24 hours, but he barely ate anything for a whole week after, so you know.  He probably shrunk.

And I can't be sure, but I can be pretty sure he got sick on his first plane ride.  We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Washington for Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty sure I was stressed out about the flight for the last four months.  I prepared as well as I could, bought new toys and made little treats with apology notes for our fellow passengers on the flight just in case he freaked out.  There was always a chance that my even tempered little Max could have been secretly bottling up a bunch of baby anger his whole life and was waiting to be on an airplane to let it out.  Turns out, he decided not to let it out on the flight.  He was the sweetest, slept on our laps part of the way, and at the end of the flight one guy said, "I feel like I should give this back to you, because I didn't hear him at all".  (The return flight he was still sick, but had stopped throwing up, so we still kept our flight.  He was even better on that one.  Sometimes I think he is not a human.)

He started sitting up on his own so well!  It is the cutest.  I had been working with him a lot and usually had him propped up and home, but he was super wobbly.  I think he just wanted to show off for Grandma, because she sat him up at her house and he stayed up with little to no wobble.  

He lays in his crib and dances like Arnold on The Boys Next Door.  Chances are, you've never seen that movie.  But if you have, I'm sure you can imagine Max's little hip thrust looks even better.  He does it every single time I lay him down for a nap or for bed.  He just gets so happy and starts dancing, and then I laugh at him so he does it more.  Then he falls asleep.  I love him.

He loves being asked if he's a crazy guy.  He will be really still and I'll say, "Max, are you a crazy guy?"  And he gets a big grin on his face and splashes (if hes in the bath) or just moves his arms and legs really fast.  Then I tell him he's a crazy guy and he giggles and giggles and then we do it a hundred times in a row. 

He loves to eat cardboard.  This was discovered when my mom gave him a paper plate for dessert on Thanksgiving (after his one bite of sweet potato that he threw up for dinner).  Now I give him anything cardboard I can find, but only for about one minute because he gets it so soggy so fast.  So then I take it away and he cries.  I neeeeeed more cardboard things.

When he was just a newborn, I would watch him fall asleep on the monitor and he would shake his head back and forth super fast to fall asleep.  Like all the way to the left and all the way to the right, super fast.  It's actually really hard to do, you should try it.  Lately, he's started doing this when he's awake.  So we just ask him questions and sometimes he will just grunt or smile, and some questions he will shake his head "no" really fast.  As you could probably guess, it's cute.

He still hates food, he still loves reading stories, and his third tooth is trying to come through but there is no sign of it yet.  He is very content to play by himself and will give us a big smile when we play with him.  The more his personality starts to come out, the more he seems like his dad - basically a perfect human that everyone loves.  Can't say I hate it. ;)

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Six months?
You guys, six months is really not a very long time at all.  So why oh why must babies change so much in not a very long time?  Sometimes I feel bad about being sad that little Max is growing up.  Like the poor guy is going to keep growing up thinking his own mother doesn't like him the way he is now, because she always is missing how he just was.  And I don't ever want him to feel that way because really, the now Max is the best Max.  There will just always be something about that tiny guy with his scrunched up nose, laying on my chest, because he didn't know how to do anything else.

But all of his new tricks are what make how he is now better than ever.  I am loving every single thing about this boy.  

He is loving getting a good feel of everything and will open and close his little hands as fast as they will go on anything he can get his hands on.  His favorites lately are one of the throw pillows on my bed that has a strip of sequins, and our faces.  I remember always sitting behind people in church with babies, watching them claw their parents faces off thinking that was going to be the worst.  I am loving it.  Scratchy little nails and all.

He finally started rolling all the way over.  He gets super excited when he flips and it is the cutest.  I think it took him extra long to get the hang of it because his body is heavy.  I am already having a hard time carrying him around for longer than a few minutes.  We're in kind of an awkward stage where he can't sit unsupported, and is too heavy for me to carry for longer than two minutes, so trips to the store are getting interesting.  I usually keep him in his carrier and I look like the freakiest lady of all time getting that thing in and out of the car.  The other day I was tempted to ask a man in the parking lot for help, but 1. I would look like the most pathetic mom of all time and 2. there is always a chance the man could be super duper strong and pull the carrier out of the cart and start running away with Max! So you know, safety first.

He is quite vocal these days.  He's been pretty vocal for a while but lately it has turned into almost all the time.  He rarely cries and I think I could honestly say he has some days where he doesn't cry at all.  He will still get frustrated or start to fuss but I feel like he gives us a looooong window before he will actually cry.  His little voice is so sweet, I could listen to his sweet little jabbers forever.  He grunts when he's excited, he likes to hyperventilate as loud as he can just for fun, and he scrunches his nose and lets out a little squeal when he's not happy.

He's started a sleep regression and most nights for the last few weeks wakes up to eat.  I read this is normal and that if he has been sleeping through the night before, he will go back to that.  Hopefully that's true, but in the mean time, I feel like I'm kind of sort of earning my mom title for the first time.  He was sleeping through the night by 8 weeks and I feel like up until that point I was still on a new mom high and I was never really that tired.  Now that I've been sleeping all night for a long time, waking up has been kind of rough.  He's nice to me and will eat super fast and lay right back down happy as can be, but this time around I am tired!  I still kind of like it though, visiting him in the middle of the night.  I dont know, maybe I am still on my new mom high. 

He's started solids!  He hates them.  He has only had peas and sweet potatoes.  He will let us get probably 4-5 spoonfuls in his mouth and then he purses his lips so tight you just have to let him win.  We've been kind of bad at being consistent with it but sometimes I just forget to feed him food?  He's perfectly content with his bottle and has learned how to hold it pretty well on his own.

He still must be swaddled for every nap and to sleep at night.  He looks hilarious.  He is way too giant to be swaddled but he loves it so I keep doing it.  I have tried multiple times to stop swaddling by leaving his arms out, leaving one arm out, laying him down with nothing, etc. and he will not sleep.  He has made slight progress though doesn't like his legs/feet wrapped up tight anymore.  I leave the whole bottom of his swaddle open so his little toes can poke out, and when I lay him down he spreads his legs as far apart as he possibly can, almost into the splits, just to make sure they will not be wrapped up.  It is the cutest.

I feel like I could go on and on and on about him.  I want to remember that he loves his Sophie and loves books.  He lights up when I pull out a book to read to him and tries to dive forward and touch every inch of the pages before trying to eat it.  He loves his stroller, going on walks, and tagging along to the grocery store.  Last week I took him shopping at an outdoor mall for well over an hour and he was happy as could be, cooing and smiling and melting my heart.  He will usually fuss when I start to rock him for his naps, but if I start laughing at him, he immediately stops and starts laughing with me.   The only negative thing I can think of is that his poop stinks so bad these days.  SO BAD.

I feel like my whole life I had this picture perfect image of motherhood, but always knew in the back of my mind the reality would be nothing like it.  Little Max has gone above and beyond my unrealistic expectations, and although he still has his moments, he is truly the sweetest boy and has made these last six months a dream. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I would like to make a declaration that will hereby be engraved on the internet for the rest of time, that holidays in my life just got a million times better.  And I imagine that they will continue to get better and better as my child(ren) start to actually get it and get excited with me.  But until then, I am and forever will thoroughly enjoy playing dress up and anything else I feel like doing because I'm the mom.  (I'm a mom!  Still fun to say).

I wanted to do everything Halloweeny with my little family, and I think I did everything that a 6 month old  would allow, on a smallish scale.  (and hopefully, if the clearance gods are good to me, my small scale will become a more medium sized scale).  I think the only thing I didn't do that I wanted to do was halloween sugar cookies, but little man has been sick and also I think for the last five days straight the only actual food I have consumed was a tiny bowl of thai soup and one slice of pizza.  And the rest of my body is full of halloween candy.  And there is not even one tiny bit of exaggeration in that statement.  So sugar cookies, not the smartest idea. 

{Little man's whole team at work dressed up as minions with their boss as Gru, and I would post a picture but the costume was one size fits all, which really means one size fits Little man perfectly and everyone else looked weird or inappropriate (which is the reason this is not pictured).  So the point I am trying to make is Little man could be a costume model because he is the perfect standard size and also has an attractive jaw line.}

Let's get to it already!  I present, so many firsts!  My first year decorating for Halloween, first halloween with a baby, and first time making a mini halloween costume!  And his first time meeting Marvin (they got along great...), first pumpkin patch, first slide, first tractor train ride, first trampoline jump, first costume, first festive diaper, first festive jammies, first time trick or treating,  and first tiny candy stash!

I'd recommend getting a baby and a cute dad and celebrating a holiday, because that was fun.

Monday, October 7, 2013


This whole thing is going by way too fast.  Not too long ago I was thinking I would never recover and feel normal again, it seemed like Max would never fit into some of the cute outfits I had waiting for him (I tend to dramatize...everything.)

And then I blinked one blink and what on earth? I mean maybe this is how this whole parenting thing is supposed to work.  Maybe it's supposed to go by at lightening speed so the hard times don't last and the good times leave you with sweet memories and in the end you're left just so in love?  And I don't even think that makes any sense but I'm in a non-deleting mood so there you have it.  (My sister and I used to e-mail back and forth when she went to college and I was still at home and we made a rule that we couldn't use the backspace key EVER.  And I so wish I could read those e-mails but somehow my whole e-mail account got deleted.  Do you have them Shla? Also, when I typed "rule" up there, I spelled it rool without even thinking.  That is embarrassing.  And I broke my own rule and fixed it so I don't even know.)

Little Max is the sweetest ever.  He has gotten sweeter and sweeter since day one.  Since before day one!  I knew before he was born what a sweet boy he was.  He was so nice to me my whole pregnancy!  He was so mellow and clam.  He wiggled enough to keep at ease but was never a crazy man.  He was always so gentle, even when he was pretty much 9 pounds crammed somewhere in my body.  The only memory I have of him making me uncomfortable was everytime I would eat ice, which was always, he would slowly wiggle his little feet up into my ribs.  It hurt so bad, but I always just thought he was cold from the ice and he was warming his toes up in my warm ribs?  I don't know.  This also has nothing to do with Max being five months but no deleting so...

-Max loves football.  I think maybe more than little man.  Little man has always been a sports fan but just the perfect amount.  He has never been a die-hard-shut-up-I'm-watching-the-game kind of guy, but he likes to watch sports to relax.  Max must know that he looks like a football player already (with his shoulder pads built in under his skin.  seriously.  he is SO BROAD).  He will sit on little mans lap forever watching football.  I try to get him to watch the TODAY show with me and he is over it in about one minute.  Even Ellen!  Ellen doesn't do it for him! But the second even a preview for anything footballish comes on he gets so intense and is glued to the tv.  Which brings me to my next point:

-Max has baby parkinson's.  (Don't worry, not really.  Actually I don't know?)  I don't even know how to describe it.  He will randomly flex like every single muscle in his whole body and hold his arms out like he's a wizard casting a spell and he shakes!  He keeps all his muscles flexed for a long time and then he will relax for a second a do it again!  He usually has these "episodes" when he gets really excited or interested in something, but it also will just happen randomly.  The parkinson's is getting a little out of hand these days (and I kind of want him to be a wizard for Halloween because he would play the part well, but he probably wont be because I'm deciding between about twenty costumes and wizard is not at the top of my list.)

-Max is loving stories these days.  I tell him the three little bears daily and he is loving it lately.  He will match my expressions exactly and when it's exciting he goes crazy and during the scary parts his eyebrows will go down and he will stare at me wondering if everything is going to be okay.  (and yes there are scary parts in the three little bears).  He's loving a few of his books however he doesn't like to sit on my lap and have me read them to him, he prefers to have his whole chair to himself, and I sit on the footrest like a teacher lady and read to him.  It made me kind of sad at first but now I love it because I can see all his facial expressions that are just the cutest.

-Max loves peek-a-boo or being startled in any way.  It is so cute how excited he gets but I kind of hate it because it makes my arms tired.  I do a very dramatic peek-a-boo and after a few minutes, I'm tired.  Then I stop and Max cries because he wants me to do it all the day long.

-Max's second tooth cut through right on his five month birthday.  Poor little guy had a rougher time with this tooth than the first (considering I had no idea that one was even trying to come through and I just saw it one day?).  He was still a super baby but was pretty uncomfortable on and off for a few weeks as it was coming through.  He looks like a little hillbilly and his teeth are the sharpest ever.  I am forever grateful for bottles.

-Max tried his first food, carrots!  I don't really know why, we just woke up one morning and decided to feed the kid carrots, so we did.  It was cute and exciting and messy and I hate messy so that was the first and last time he ate food.  I'm happy waiting until 6 months so I can have a tiny bit more time of cleanliness and non-surprising poop.  (except he randomly surprised me big time the other night and has now earned himself the new nickname of poison butt.  Little man thinks it's mean to call him that, but he wasn't there so he doesn't even know.)

-Max is finally a sweet happy boy going out in public.  We go on walks almost daily, and when I take him to the store he is all wide eyes and smiles.  I can't wait for the day that he can sit up in the cart so I can buy more than five things, because I am a paranoid mom and refuse to prop his carseat up on the cart, so I put his whole carseat inside the cart and it takes up the whole entire thing and then I just set food on top of him.  He doesn't mind.  

He doesn't mind anything really.  This boy is the most patient, easy going thing on Earth, and we feel like the luckiest parents every single day as this boy just watches us and smiles as we figure this whole thing out.