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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I have had grand plans of blogging every single day of Max's life, creating the most elaborate book of his first year of life, and making the most amazing video (which I have no idea how to do) that I have been dreaming up since the day Max was born.  

So maybe it's just that I have overfilled my mental plate which has caused me to do none of the above, or maybe I've just been too preoccupied with other things, like the most horrendous postpartum hairline you can imagine.  Little man even told me I look like the lady on Les Miserables, you know the one.  And I could only laugh because it is sadly so true, and not even that bad considering I've been calling myself a wooly mammoth in my head or out loud if anyones around for months now.  I suppose that all has to do with Max because it's his fault, because anything postpartumish is his fault.  But it's a daily reminder, as I comb my tiny new hairs, that I am the luckiest for having postpartum anything.  Me and Max, just growing our new hairs together.  Bonding.

So.  Max.  Just today he weighed in at 23 pounds and is 32 inches tall, aka the tallest baby ever.  I'm sure there are taller babies, hes in the "above 97%" for height but I'm not sure what that means.  Can you be "above 100%"?   One will never know.

He is the funniest.  Or maybe it's me who's the funniest.  He thinks everything I do is funny.  Sometimes I'm not even trying to be, but usually I am.  He likes when I talk in accents or like a man.  He loves when I quote movies, even though he has no idea what I'm talking about.

He likes to lay on the ground and wave his arms and kick his feet as fast as he possibly can.  He is so over being "a crazy guy".  Now he likes being "so fast".  If we tell him he is so fast, he gets even faster and hyperventilates even more and honestly, I'm surprised he's never passed out.

He is so content sitting and playing with his toys.  I have plans of sorting through his toys and rotating them so he doesn't get bored, but he's just so easy to please I haven't had to yet.  I just drag out all his baskets and bins of toys and put them in front of him and he takes them out one by one and licks them each. 

Sometimes I feel like he is no where close to crawling but other times I think it might be right around the corner.  He rarely will push up on all fours, but he's gotten pretty good at scooting around on his belly going backwards.  Sometimes I am so eager for him to just be completely mobile, but then I remember how nice it is to sit him on the floor and not have to worry about him yet so take your sweet time little guy. 

He started saying mama and dada, but his favorite is rawrawrawr which is by far the cutest because he makes his mouth all lopsided and talks out of the side of it in a sweet tiny voice.  He shakes his head no everytime you tell him yes or no, and when he's sitting on the floor he will bounce his upper body a little and say "hi-ya"! (or at least thats what it sounds like.  And that is hi-ya as in a karate chop sound, not an awkward way of saying hi.  He just started waving bye to Little man and a picture of Jesus outside of his room before he goes down for naps.  (He also loves to scratch Jesus when he gets up in the morning.  Naughty Max).

He's getting a tiny bit better at food, but still has a looong way to go.  As in he still only eats puffs and water but is eating a little bit more rice cereal than before.  I gave him a taste of my smoothie the other morning and he didn't throw up so that was a victory.

He stopped sleeping through the night about four months ago.  He wakes up once around 5am and eats a little and goes right back to sleep.  I tried to fight it a little while ago and "fix him", but it was so not worth it.  It is what it is and it's part of being a mom I suppose and he is such a sweet boy if the only hard thing he makes me do is get up early and feed him for three minutes, I guess I can handle that.

With all the traveling Little man has been doing, Max has learned to love facetime and lights up every time he gets to see his daddy.  He smiles and tries to grab his face and usually hangs up on him at least once.  

Max is still the greatest shopping buddy, is easy and pleasant at restaurants, will sit and read stories for probably over an hour a day total (with his favorites being the longest and his least favorites being the "baby books"), and is just a mellow happy guy.  He is currently sitting next to me on the couch, holding the remote and looking at the computer and then smiling at me over and over.  He's the cutest little sidekick and I'm the luckiest to be his mama. 

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  1. That's great he's eating a little better for you! What a cute boy and all the cute things he's doing! :)